Our Services

Asylum & Human rights

Our experienced caseworkers will guide you through the steps for you to seek international protection. Whether the threat in your home country is politically motivated or that you will be subject to torture, inhumane or degrading conditions if detained. We can help articulate the basis of an asylum claim and represent you.

Our preparation of your asylum claim will be thorough and intensive. We will be able
to achieve this through effective communication with you at all times. Not only will we
prepare a detailed and well researched application and claim for you, we will also try
our best to ensure that your family members are also helped during this strenuous

Some areas we can assist you with:

  • Assisting you with your claim to successfully obtain settlement in the UK
    under the long residence category
  • Appealing on your behalf regarding your asylum application and your Home Office decision
  • Advising you with asylum proceedings and the general process.
  • Advising on applications for an overstayer where there were Article 8 right to a
    private life consideration exist.
  • Advising parents of a child entry clearance application involving Article 8 right
    to a private life consideration.