Our Services

Family Law

At Polaris, we are aware that your family matters require the highest degree of confidentiality. This is why it is both integral and imperative for our team to uphold trust in your matters.

Here are some of the areas we can gladly assist you with:

    you through the legal process, while protecting your interests first and
    foremost to achieve an agreed financial settlement
  • SEPARATION: if you’re separated but not yet legally divorced, we can help
    draft a separation agreement on your behalf
  • COUNSELLING: Whether you need practical or professional emotional
    support, we are there to assist you so you are not alone.

    When it concerns children, we also can assist with the following:
  • ADOPTION OR SURROGACY: whether you need to negotiate and conclude
    the legal process of obtaining legal parenthood status, or other legal
    complications around adoption and surrogacy.
  • CHILD ARRANGEMENTS: we can negotiate arrangements on your behalf.
    This can involve the time children spend with each parent (known as child
    contact), parent responsibilities and even what child maintenance should be
    paid. We can also assist other parental figures to secure contact with a child,
    e.g.: Grandparents or step parents.
  • If your child has been abducted by a former partner, we can assist in the legal process of the return of your child.

We can help when it comes to protecting you whilst you are in a relationship.

  •  If you are living together, yet not married, we can draft a cohabitation agreement in order to protect you in the event your relationship breaks down.
  •  Whether you would like to agree beforehand how your financial assets would
    be split if you were to divorce, we can always draft a prenuptial agreement
  • If you would like to protect your loved ones’ inheritance, we can formalise this
    process for you

Whatever your concern, please contact us and we can be ready to help.