Our Services


In a workplace, it is common for wrongful dismissal, discrimination, harassment and or salary disputes. Whether you are affected by any of the above, we will ensure your matters and carried out efficiently and smoothly, with the highest degree of sensitivity and care and whilst proposing the best method forward for you. We know this can take an emotional toll on both your personal and professional, so just know you can rely on our support and legal advice.

Offering you careful guidance and support throughout the process, we will always seek the best possible resolution for you so that your professional relationship is not
at stake.

Our expertise covers:

  • Unfair dismissal claims/ Redundancy procedures: If your employer has
    unfairly dismissed you or made you redundant, we can help you negotiate a
    suitable settlement agreement and severance package.
  • Wrongful dismissal claims: We can ascertain if you are eligible to make a
    wrongful dismissal claim for any disputes at work.
  • Maternity leave and rights: Enforcement of your legal rights and protection
    regarding your statutory maternity leave/pay.
  • Employment Discrimination: Whether you have been discriminated based on
    a characteristic, we can make a strong claim for you
  • Termination of employment: We understand that your employment contract
    may contain restriction clauses on your future activity. So in this case, we can
    discuss whether these restrictions are enforceable by your employer.
    Likewise, we can also defend you if a breach of contract claim is made
    against you.
  • Whistleblowing or Harassment at work: Our friendly team can advise on
    bullying, harassment, discrimination in the workplace.
  • Procedure for the Employment Tribunal: The process regarding a claim can
    be quite vast. In this case, we can carefully advise you of the process from
    early conciliation and making a claim, all the way to the final outcome of the
  • Settlement Agreements: We can help negotiations and resolving disputes on
    your behalf.